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Apr 30,  · If you use the Andis T-Outliner, and you’ve found that there’s a rattling or cutting problem when you turn it on, then it’s time to tune up your trimmer. Without taking the steps to fix it your trimmer really won’t be able to cut properly – luckily I have the solution, in a few easy steps. Sep 03,  · As I ramp up my how-to videos again, I want to jump on a very easy-to-fix problem that frustrates barbers who don’t know how to make this simple repair. The problem is perceived as a ‘broken switch’ on the Andis T Outliner that is loose, or when flipped to the ‘on’ position, automatically flips back and won’t stay on. If you expect performance, durability and value, get the Andis Professional T-Outliner. The T-Outliner is versatile – it can cut an edge up or line up, trim a beard, fix a hairline, and clean up the neck. In fact, this machine is probably the most popular hair liner for barbers and Andis goes to great lengths to .

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To see the demonstration of how to do this on video, head over to my YouTube larrythebarberman. The UK T Outliner has four screws on the back of the case; the American version has two — one on top and one on the bottom. Remove the screws and gently fold over the back of the housing. Next, how to fix andis t outliner, lift the main power supply from the base inside of the clipper, and lift out the hooking ring.

Now, how to fix andis t outliner, turn your attention to the mainly hollow back of the housing, the part you just removed. Bracketed against the bottom with one screw is the switching mechanism giving you all the trouble! Remove that screw and lift off the bracket, then gently ease the switch itself out of the back of the case. You will see one screw remains in how to fix andis t outliner trimmer housing, and that is the one we are after.

You can easily see that the screw is attached to the lever on the outside of the casing. In all probability, this screw is loose, which is causing the flipping, looseness or inability of the lever how to fix andis t outliner hold its position. Now, just tighten that screw with the torque screwdriver with the 10 head, turning clockwise. Turn over the case and test the lever. You will see it now has a tight feel and will hold its position.

You did it! First, we need to put the switch back into the housing. The switch needs to go into the enclosure outlined by the L-shaped ridges, atop the pins, nice and snug.

Next, the bracket. You will notice cutouts on the left and right side of the bracket. They align with the brown and red wires respectively, so place the red wire in place through the left cutout, and hold it with your thumb while you place the right bracket cutout over the brown how to fix andis t outliner. You have to be a bit dexterous, but when it is aligned correctly, the bracket will click nicely into place.

As a final test, flip it over and make sure the lever is nice and tight and is making the correct clicking noise. With the brown and red wires locked in, and the lever behaving appropriately, reach for the hooking ring. This is the first piece going into the other side, or guts, of the casing — where the armature and motor are. Ensuring it is facing downwards, place the ring correctly into notch at the base.

Then place the rubber molding that surrounds the main outlet wire snugly into the notch. You are now ready to put the casing together again. When everything is neatly packaged, you are ready to fit the two how to fix andis t outliner of casing together again. Simply line up the grooves where they fit. Sometimes the wires will pop out.

Gently use the screwdriver to pop them back in. Now, hold the back down with fingers and thumb and turn it over gently. You can now put in all your screws. Start with one corner and tighten, then move to a diagonal corner to tighten another.

That gives you the freedom to release the tension of your finger and thumb holding it down. And there you go! Plug it in, turn it on, and you are back to having a great time being a great barber! If there are topics you want to see covered in one of my How-To Videos, email me directly at info larrythebarberman. Your email address will not be published. This basic safety step is surprisingly easy to forget.

Now you need to pin the bracket back down, using one screw through the center hole. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.


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how to fix andis t outliner


Repairs/Service Centers Andis Authorized Repair and Service Centers Choose Africa Asia Caribbean Central America Europe North America Oceania South America Choose Canada Mexico United States Choose Arizona California Illinois Indiana Iowa Maryland Michigan Mississippi New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Texas Wisconsin. The Andis T-Outliner is a professional trimmer that is ideal for trimming beards, mustaches, necks, as well as shaping around the ears. Periodically, the blades need . There is a student that appears to be working on a guide for this, see this intro: Andis T Outliner Trimmer Troubleshooting - Andis T Outliner Trimmer with T Blade Model G.